Guardian ad Litem

What is a Guardian ad Litem?

A Guardian ad Litem is an attorney appointed by the Court to represent the best interests
of the children in a disputed custody or divorce case. The Guardian ad Litem conducts an
investigation about the custody matters in dispute and provides a recommendation to the
Court. The Guardian ad Litem has broad powers to gain access to information and may
meet with the parties and the children as well as speak with numerous other witnesses
as part of his or her investigation. Prior to making a recommendation to the Court, the
Guardian ad Litem frequently provides a recommendation to the parties and their counsel
in advance of a trial to try to help facilitate a settlement, if one is possible.

Ms. Hernandez has been appointed in numerous courts to serve as a Guardian ad
Litem. The goal of this role is to assist the Court in making the best decision to
serve the best interest of the children. The order appointing a GAL can be made
after request of either party, by agreement of the parties or by motion to the Court
by either or both of the parties attorneys.

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