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Collaborative Law 

There is a new way that couples that wish to end their marriage amicably known as collaborative divorce. At Hernandez Family Law, our family divorce lawyer recommends collaborative divorce to  those that do not want to enter a courtroom battle that is oftentimes consuming and emotionally  draining.

Some of the benefits a collaborative divorce include:

Couples can expect a quicker, more cost effective approach to traditional divorce

This type of divorce is more client centered: it allows for both parties to make the decisions together rather than a court

A less time consuming process than traditional divorce and is personalized to the couple’s needs

The proceedings are confidential

Negotiations focus on creating solutions rather than assigning blame

Collaborative Divorce is a Good Alternative to Litigation

Collaborative divorce is not the only alternative to litigation. Depending on your circumstance, a divorce pre-suit settlement package and/or Pre-Suit Mediation may also be a good choice. Settlements are usually the result of a contentious adversarial court case. In most cases,  significant time and money have already been invested before the parties even begin to  negotiate a settlement. 

Given the right circumstances, collaborative divorce can be less expensive than litigation.  Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial way to get both parties to reach an agreement with  their lawyers present as participants, advocates and consultants. In addition to each spouse  having an attorney, the participants may also agree to have other professionals join the team.

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