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For many people in Hillsborough & Pinellas County and the surrounding counties in Florida, issues regarding divorce, child custody, paternity, dependency and other family law matters are highly sensitive. When it comes to the long-term wellbeing of your family and you, it is crucial to retain an experienced divorce attorney in the Tampa Bay area.
Cynthia J. Hernandez has practiced law in Florida since 2005 and practices exclusively in the area of family law. We also use a unique flat-fee structure that is friendly to our clients. Before we represent you, you will know the full fee, and there will be no surprises.
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The lawyer you select to handle your divorce can make the difference between an equitable resolution and an outcome that troubles you for years to come. At Cynthia Hernandez Law in Tampa, we approach each matter comprehensively to protect your rights and your well-being during every stage of your divorce. Attorney Cynthia Hernandez has 15 years of legal experience providing effective counsel to Tampa Bay Area residents who seek to end their marriage in a healthy, dignified manner. .

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Cynthia Hernandez has years of experience assisting families through the often-contentious custody process. Our office can help you fight for your custody rights while avoiding the high costs and lengthy time commitment of a drawn out custody battle.

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In need of a paternity attorney in the Tampa Bay area? Paternity refers to the creation of legal parental status between a child born outside of marriage and the biological father. Scientific testing of DNA now allows for a determination of paternity to a 99.9% probability.

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I am ready to represent parents on both sides of child support issues in Hillsborough and Pinellas County. My support starts with educating you about the formula used to calculate child support and all of the factors that will be considered in your case. I will also be a passionate advocate for you in making certain that a fair and accurate accounting of these factors is considered in your case.

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In a divorce proceeding, the court may grant alimony to either party if supported by the facts and the law. As part of a structured divorce settlement, you may also choose to include alimony or waive it, subject to final approval by the court. Because the tax implications of alimony payments are different from those of child support payments, the benefits and potential drawbacks of paying or collecting alimony must be carefully considered, whether you are the one likely to give or receive support.

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In addition to our divorce and other family law legal services, Hernandez Family Law offers quality, confidential family mediation services providing parties with an alternate process to resolve their disputes.  Our mediator guides parties through the issues that will be included in a Mediated Settlement Agreement so that when the mediation is complete, parties will have what they need to finalize their dispute.

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If you are contemplating divorce or dealing with child custody issues, you should contact Cynthia Hernandez Law. We understand how stressful a divorce may be, and we want to reduce the uncertainty and emotional turmoil of the process. Based in the Tampa Bay area, knowledgeable family law attorney Cynthia J. Hernandez also represents people in Polk, Pasco and Manatee County communities.

Testimonials & Reviews

Jessica Martino
Jessica Martino
Cynthia, Brittany, and Kirsty were the absolute best! This team really cared for our case and were positive and helpful the whole time. Cynthia's strategy in the courtroom was phenomenal.!! Brittany's closing statement left my boyfriend and I in tears and a mic drop moment!!!! Kristy helped a GREAT deal with keeping my boyfriend informed and being there when I was looking for answers. Thank you ladies for giving my boyfriend his son back!!
Tracy Woodburn
Tracy Woodburn
Cynthia helped me win my case when an injunction was wrongfully served by a long time friend. She did her research and used similar prior cases as well as my evidence I provided to defend me. Her secretary always answered my calls and promptly got back to me. I recommend Cynthia as she is a strong lawyer willing to fight for your rights.
Julio V.
Julio V.
Cynthia is an amazing lawyer who truly cares about her clients. I recommend her often to family and friends!
Rozzy Roz
Rozzy Roz
Great experience working with Attorney Brittany Lindsay. She was very knowledgeable and supportive during this stressful time of divorce. She helped simplify the overwhelming process. I highly recommend her and this firm.
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