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The lawyer you select to handle your divorce can make the difference between an equitable resolution and an outcome that troubles you for years to come. At Cynthia Hernandez Law in Tampa, we approach each matter comprehensively to protect your rights and your well-being during every stage of your divorce. Attorney Cynthia Hernandez has 15 years of legal experience providing effective counsel to Tampa Bay Area residents who seek to end their marriage in a healthy, dignified manner. Whether you require assistance with a special type of separation, such as a military divorce, or have resolved your issues and are looking to move forward quickly, our firm will give you the legal support you need.

Knowledgeable adviser explains the marriage dissolution process

Starting the divorce process can be confusing and intimidating. We advise Floridians of the legal requirements and procedures, such as:

Residency and filing

To seek a divorce, in most cases, you must file a Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage in the county where you and your spouse last resided as husband and wife. You must have been a continuous legal resident of Florida for six months before filing for divorce.

Grounds for dissolution

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, so allegations of marital misconduct cannot be used as grounds to terminate a marriage. Divorces are granted when a union is determined to be irretrievably broken. However, it is important to remember that bad-faith behavior may be used as a factor in rulings relating to child custody or property division.

Negotiations and trial advocacy

Even when there are sharp disagreements over divorce terms, our firm can often negotiate agreements that protect your rights and avert unnecessary litigation. However, in those cases where the opposing party refuses to be reasonable, we will utilize our 15 years of litigation experience to protect our clients’ interests.

Our dedicated family law firm will stand with you and work to conclude your divorce as efficiently as possible.

Dedicated firm handles all types of matrimonial breakups

Each divorce is unique, and we have the ability to handle all types of matrimonial law matters, including:

Military divorce
Our firm advises members of the armed forces and their spouses on how to proceed with a military divorce
Collaborative divorce
If you and your partner seek to work together instead of ending your marriage in an adversarial manner, our firm can guide you through the collaborative divorce approach.
Same-sex divorce
Though same-sex marriage is now permitted throughout the United States, many relationships predate the Obergefell decision, leading to some complicated legal issues. We provide comprehensive support for people who are going through a same sex divorce.
Uncontested divorce
Florida law allows some couples to obtain an uncontested divorce. Our firm can help you understand the eligibility requirements if you believe this choice is a viable option.

Whatever specific challenges you face, we are ready to give you the exceptional representation you deserve.

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