preparing for divorce in Florida

Feeling shocked? Happy? Sad? Relieved? Fear? These are all normal to feel when preparing for a divorce. There are so many things to think about, and your mind is already racing. What do you do? How can you prepare?

1. Find a reputable attorney.

a.) There are many attorneys who can help you with a divorce, but it is important to find an experienced, compassionate attorney to help you with your case. 

b.) Cynthia Hernandez Family Law has helped for many years. The lead attorney, Cynthia Hernandez, is well-equipped to handle your divorce, paternity, or other family law case. Her reviews illustrate her dedication to her clients. 

c.) A good attorney will be very client-centered, and tailor her practice to each client’s specific needs. Here at Cynthia Hernandez Family Law, each client feels secured their needs will be addressed.

2. Prepare the necessary financial documents. 

a.) Going through a divorce is not easy, but with the right people by your side you will go through the process with ease. One major step is gathering your documents and financial information. This includes tax forms, pay-stubs, credit card statements, loan statements, bank statements, just to name a few.

3. Consider alimony and other forms of support

a.) There are multiple forms of support spouses are entitled to. For example, there are temporary alimony, permanent alimony, and child support possibilities.

4. Prepare for mediation

a.) Mediation is a chance for both parties to settle any disputes and come up with an agreement. This usually involves time-sharing and child support, if there are any minor children involved. If there aren’t minor children involved, mediation usually involves settling disputes over property and/or assets. 

b.) Think about your property and assets. Prepare a list of these items to give to your attorney. 

5. Prepare for trial (if necessary)

a.) Usually matters can be settled prior to trial. However, there are some issues that only can be settled in trial. 

6. Stay calm.

a.) Amongst this storm, it is very important to stay calm and collected. For those with uncooperative soon-to-be exes, this might be hard. Nonetheless, it is crucial to remain peaceful. 

b.) There is life after divorce! Our team at Cynthia Hernandez Family Law is here to help you through each of these stages.